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This can be a sequel to 2001 A House Odyssey. It’s now 2010 and each the Individuals and the Russians are racing to get to Jupiter to analyze the black monolith (just like the one present in Lunar Crater Clavius) which was discovered by the united statesS. Discovery in orbit round Jupiter’s moons. The usS. Discovery’s orbit is quickly decaying and it’ll crash into IO however the Individuals can not get there in time to avoid wasting U.S.S. Discovery. The Russians can get to Jupiter in time however solely the Individuals have the data to entry and awaken the united statesS. Discovery’s H.A.L.9000 sentient laptop. This forces a joint American-Soviet house expedition in opposition to a backdrop of rising world tensions. The mixed expedition is searching for solutions to a number of mysteries. What’s the significance of the black monolith? Why did H.A.L.9000 act so bizarrely and terminate four of 5 of the united statesS. Discovery’s crew? What occurred to David Bowman? Alongside the best way, curious knowledge is detected …

Duration: 116 min


IMDb: 6.8