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Heller in Pink Tights

Nineteenth century Wyoming: the wild West. Gentle-mannered Tom Healy has a two-wagon theater troupe hounded by collectors as a result of Angela, his main girl and the thing of his affection, consistently buys garments. In Cheyenne, they meet with applause, in order that they hope to remain awhile: the theater proprietor likes Angela, and she or he retains him on a string. She’s additionally the thing of the attentions of Mabry, a gunslinger who’s owed cash by the richest man in Bonanza. Issues come up and the troupe heads for Bonanza, via hostile Indian territory. Is the troupe doomed to a peripatetic life, is Mabry at risk, and does Tom stand an opportunity with Angela, a hellion in pink tights?

Duration: 100 min


IMDb: 6.1