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Milka – A Film About Taboos

Based mostly on a novel by the late Finnish author Timo Mukka, this easy story focuses on what occurs when Milka (Irma Huntus), a woman barely out of childhood, will get pregnant by Ojanen (Matti Turunen) a country fieldhand. Her personal mom had been hoping to marry Ojanen, and her daughter’s being pregnant turns their lives round. Set within the Lapp nation of northern Finland, the surroundings is breathtaking, made much more so by the isolation of the area. A way of pure solitude is underscored by a slow-moving dialogue interspersed with lengthy silences, and the connection between nature and the dialogue is underscored because the younger Milka recites poetry whereas out within the countryside. The destiny of Milka and her mom, nonetheless, is linked to the choice that Ojanen makes on the finish.

Duration: 110 min


IMDb: 6.3