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Samurai III: Duel at Ganryu Island

A humble and easy Takezo abandons his life as a knight errant. He is sought as a instructor and vassal by Shogun, Japan’s strongest clan chief. He is additionally challenged to battle by the supremely assured and skilful Sasaki Kojiro. Takezo agrees to battle Kojiro in a yr’s time however rejects Shogun’s patronage, selecting as a substitute to reside on the sting of a village, elevating greens. He is adopted there by Otsu and later by Akemi, each in love with him. The yr ends as Takezo assists the villagers towards a band of brigands. He seeks Otsu’s forgiveness and accepts her love, then units off throughout the water to Ganryu Island for his closing contest.

Genre: Uncategorized

Duration: 105 min

IMDb: 7.7