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Saturn 3

Sooner or later, Earth is overcrowded and the inhabitants depends on distant bases to be fed. Within the Saturn Three station, Main Adam and the scientist Alex, who can be his lover and has by no means been on Earth, have been researching hydroponics for 3 years within the base alone with their canine Sally. In the meantime, the psychotic Captain Benson fails the psychological take a look at required to journey to Saturn Three and kills his alternative, Captain James, taking his place within the mission of assembling and programming the Demi-God sequence robotic Hector to interchange one of many scientists in Saturn 3. On the arrival, the mentally disturbed Captain Benson turns into sexually obsessed for Alex. Then he makes use of an interface to hyperlink his mind to program Hector, however incapable to manage his feelings, he transfers his homicidal tendency and madness to Hector. Now Main Adam and Alex are trapped within the station with a harmful psychopath robotic.