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The Knack… and How to Get It

In England, the occasions are a altering: it is mods and rockers. On the day Nancy will get off the London prepare, instances in hand, searching for the YWCA, Colin has had sufficient of lacking out on the sexual revolution. He begs his clean (and misogynistic) pal Tolen to show him ‘the knack’ – easy methods to rating with ladies. Serendipitously, Colin and his new lodger Tom meet up with Nancy whereas Colin’s shopping for a mattress bigger than Tolen’s. The three hit it off, however their easy enjoyable ends when Tolen meets Nancy. Colin is jealous however impotent, and Tolen each attracts and repels her. She swoons, wonders what occurred, and cries ‘rape.’ Impish serendipity rubs towards unsettling ambiguity.

Duration: 84 min


IMDb: 6.7